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Impact of Diabetes Apps on Blood Glucose Meter Recommendations

Modern Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) devices can often pair with a companion app on a smartphone, which allows patients to easily record and monitor their blood glucose levels over time.  This gives the patient, and potentially their doctor, easy to access historical data, insightful charts, and other information that can aid in diabetes management.  Research was conducted by MD Analytics to assess whether Canadian GPs are accepting this technology, and if it plays a role in their recommendation of one BGM over another.

Findings show that current overall use of BGM apps is relatively low among GPs, and that there is no one app that is being used more often than any other.  However, despite the low current use, the vast majority of GPs agree that BGM apps will play an increased role in how their patients will manage, and how they themselves will advise their patients on how to manage their diabetes. Furthermore, the majority of GPs also agree that the presence of a diabetes app will positively impact their likelihood to recommend that BGM to a patient.

Please contact MD Analytics if you are interested in conducting any diabetes-related research. Our HCP panel consists of GPs, Endocrinologists, Diabetes Nurse Educators, and Pharmacists.  We also have access to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients.


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