Corporate Reputation Research | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Monitor Reputation: custom indices to measure success and track changes over time.
  • Assess Risks: identify risks and analyze potential impact.
  • Enhance Performance: gain tactical insights guiding communication and management strategies.
  • Industry Specific: designed by experienced pharmaceutical and healthcare researchers.

MD Analytics Corporate Reputation Research is based on a proven framework that helps organizations in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry strengthen, manage and monitor their corporate reputation.

This insightful study design and analytical approach provides tactical insights assisting in the development of measurement and communication strategies to manage reputation performance. Our research can help you manage your company’s reputation in ways that illustrate your strengths, analyze risks and map your performance.

Our experienced team can provide you with highly customized research to:

  • Evaluate transactional satisfaction among stakeholders while identifying key drivers of corporate reputation
  • Understand and manage company perceptions on a variety of indicators, including but not limited to leadership, engagement, trust, and advocacy
  • Determine strengths and identify opportunities to enhance reputation performance in the marketplace
  • Measure Net Promoter/ Corporate Reputation Index scores to assess success over time
  • Leverage secondary data to better profile your key customers

Ready to monitor and find ways to enhance your corporate reputation, let us show you how we can help.