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Online Creative Assessments

Leverage the Power of Large Samples and Interactive Online Tools to Test New Creative and Messaging in a Quasi Qualitative/Quantitative Format.

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Key Features

  • Gain qualitative insights with quantitative metrics to support key decisions.
  • Obtain deeper insights mined through interactive tools and advanced analytical capabilities.
  • Get improved localization through broader geographical coverage.
  • Gut-check unexpected outcomes discovered through qualitative research.
  • Quickly and efficiently test multiple combinations of creative concepts and messaging.

Online Creative Assessments is our highly effective web-based tool designed for testing new advertising concepts, messaging, sales aids, or other promotional materials with a large audience in a quasi-qual/quant format.

With our Online Creative Assessments we are able to simulate flipping through a journal to measure stopping power, produce time-controlled image impressions for message recall testing, or use hot spots to understand which creative elements are having the most impact. This advanced functionality replicates techniques and probing associated with a qualitative research methodology and combines them with the power of larger samples and quantitative data points to make sound decisions.

Online Creative Assessments are ideal for testing new advertisements, detail aids, packaging and messaging.