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Uncover Key Opportunities for New Brands, or Further Market Share of an Existing Brand, by Isolating Points of Leakage and Untapped Markets via a Thorough Diagnosis of the Treatment Pathway.

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Key Features

  • Develop a comprehensive view of the disease management process in an unfamiliar therapeutic area, or a deeper understanding in existing market.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities and key points of leakage to grow and protect market share for a mature brand.
  • Identify the key influencers in the diagnosis and treatment pathway, and their respective level of impact on treatment decisions.
  • Estimate the overall market and potential gains from identified leakage points and previously unknown opportunities.
  • Discover key points of leverage and positioning strategies for new brands wishing to enter into a developing or already established market.
  • Establish key performance baselines and calibrate key assumptions via a rich normative database, leading to more reliable results.

Pathways2Rx™ reveals deep insights into the diagnosis and treatment pathway of a disease, identifying new and hidden growth opportunities for your brand.

Among our integrated offerings, Pathways2Rx bridges rich insights gleamed from qualitative market research with statistically sound quantitative data gathered from both primary and secondary sources. By studying all the stakeholders, including: physicians, other healthcare providers and patients, we are able to examine all possible points of entry and exit for a prescription drug as the patient moves from first becoming aware of a potential health problem through to ongoing disease management.

As illustrated in the following infographic this process is continuous, following the patient from the point of diagnosis and treatment through to filling of the prescription, patient compliance and follow up, thereby identifying possible leakage points beyond the initial script.

Pathways2Rx Infographic

Building upon these findings it is then possible to add further depth by incorporating data gathered from secondary sources, such as prescription drug sales or disease prevalence rates among the general population, and to forecast a potential value for each identified opportunity. The resulting calculation serves to prioritize these potential opportunities, thereby driving the brand’s marketing strategy.

In summary, Pathways2Rx is an integrated marketing research solution that seeks to uncover key opportunities for new brands, or to further market share of an existing brand, by isolating points of leakage, untapped markets and identifying sources of influence along the diagnosis and treatment pathway. This service is essential for new product launches and for mature brands seeking hidden growth opportunities.