Insight Qualitative Research | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Integrated qualitative and quantitative services.
  • Face-to-face interviews.
  • Focus groups, dyads and triads.
  • Web supported in-depth interviews.
  • Online qualitative discussion forums.
  • Ethnographies and shop-alongs.

Our Insight Qualitative Research services are comprehensive, and unlike other market research agencies we have the unique ability to leverage our leading market research panel of healthcare professionals, providing consistently fresh, high quality respondents.

Some techniques we use to tease out rich insights, include:

  • Archetypes;
  • Collage brand imagery;
  • Confrontation;
  • Diaries;
  • Ethnography;
  • Mind mapping;
  • Patient profiles; and
  • Spontaneous word associations.

In addition to standard qualitative research services, such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and online discussion boards, MD Analytics offers a unique suite of integrated qualitative and quantitative marketing research solutions. Based on proven and established processes, our integrated services ensure key findings are fed-forward into both the design and interpretation stage of each subsequent research phase, leading to deeper, more insightful and actionable findings. Some examples of our services that incorporate this integrated approach, include our Creative Assessments and Pathways2RX™.

With in-house experts we offer a national solution. So whether you’re looking to conduct qualitative research in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or other Canadian cities, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver.