Rapid Detail Tracker™ (RDT) | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Message Recall: determine the strength of your key messages and compare your results against industry standards.
  • Competitive Intelligence: reveal key competitive insights, including positioning strategies, messaging and counterclaims.
  • Detail Effectiveness: measure your sales representatives’ performance and overall impact on intent to prescribe or recommend.
  • Performance Benchmarking: compare your results with RDT’s extensive normative database comprised from more than 13,500 details.
  • Share of Voice: compare your overall face time and detailing frequency among the competitive set.

Rapid Detail Tracker™ (RDT) is a sales message recall and detail effectiveness study that identifies key detailing activities known to impact prescribing or recommendation intent.

Traditionally marketers rely on effective messaging to communicate the benefits of their brands to the target audience. The assumption is that effective messaging will result in target audience trying the brand, or at least seeking out more information about the brand.

However, what is often neglected is how effectively the sales representative communicates that message, how it compares to competitive messaging and competitive rep performance. In reality, all of these components play a role in the quality of the sales detail, and cumulatively all play a role on intent to prescribe recommend.

Linking Call Quality to Intent to Prescribe or Recommend

RDT uses a proprietary analytical model based on key components of a detail that strongly contribute to the quality of the rep visit. These components when combined successfully lead to a positive impact on intent to prescribe or recommend.

By using RDT we can help you evaluate which of these components can be strengthened, thereby leading to a more effective detail and positive impact on intent to prescribe or recommend.

Gaining Competitive Insight

In addition to assessing your brand’s detailing performance, RDT evaluates the details of key competitive brands providing you with key insights into competitive positioning, counter-messaging strategies and comparative detailing performance. With RDT’s unique sampling methodology, you decide which competitors to track and the level of insight desired.

Performance Benchmarking

Unique to RDT is an extensive normative database comprised from more than 13,500 details. Unlike any other sales detail evaluation and effectiveness study, RDT Norms provide the necessary context to truly assess your performance. Examples of RDT Norms include unaided and aided message recall, patient profile, brand description, sampling, message evaluation, usage of iPads and other visual aids, and sales rep evaluation.

Measuring Share of Voice

Are your sales representatives detailing often enough or for the right amount of time? Through RDT you will gain key insights into competitive detailing frequency, length of details, and other important factors impacting share of voice that will help you adjust your detailing strategy.