Rapid Insight Market Assessment™ | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Proven methodology and standardized approach saves valuable time in the design phase.
  • Key assumptions are calibrated by a rich normative database, leading to more reliable results.
  • Our leading market research panel of healthcare professionals provides timely fieldwork and meaningful sample sizes.
  • Quick turnaround time achieved without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Rapid Insight Market Assessment™ is a unique study design of MD Analytics, that provides a quick market opportunity assessment for new treatments or indications.

Short turnaround time is often key when evaluating potential in-licensing opportunities, or new indications, which is where this service stands out. Rapid Insight Market Assessment utilizes a proven, standardized questionnaire to speed up time to field while still leaving room for therapeutic or disease specific nuances that require some customization.

Backed up by our leading market research panel of healthcare professionals fieldwork can be completed rapidly, allowing ample time for analysis and report writing. A rich normative database helps to calibrate the data, thereby leading to more reliable results. Some examples of the norms available with a Rapid Insight Market Assessment, include: unaided and aided awareness, anticipated prescribing levels, and overall intentions to prescribe.

Used on its own or to populate or support forecasting models, a Rapid Insight Market Assessment can help you quickly and reliably assess market potential.