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As a member of the MD Analytics Panel: Perspectives in health, you will have the opportunity to share your opinions and expertise on a variety of topics related to treatments, diagnostic tests, health policy and other health-related products and services.

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Healthcare Professionals

Join the MD Analytics Panel: Perspectives in health to be invited to participate in paid health-related market research studies, such as online surveys, virtual interviews, and in-person focus groups.

Frequently Asked Questions about MD Analytics

MD Analytics provides market research services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to following the highest standards and care within our industry, abiding by the codes of conduct of the Canadian Research Insights Council, ESOMAR, and the Insights Association.

Why should I join the panel?

Participating in our market research studies provides opportunities for healthcare professionals to voice their opinions and inform key decisions impacting health policy and patient care. Participants also benefit from learning opportunities obtained through participating in market research and from incentives earned in exchange for their time and expert contribution.

What happens after I join?

Upon signing up to join the panel, you will be sent invitations via email to participate in online surveys, telephone interviews and/or focus groups that are relevant to your health profession and area of specialty. The study invitation will always indicate the type of study, topic, length of time required to complete the study and the incentive amount.

You decide whether a study interests you and participate as you wish. Upon completing a study, you will be paid the incentive specified.

How will my privacy be protected?

MD Analytics is committed to protecting the  privacy  of its research participants. When participating in our market research studies, all your responses remain anonymous and there is never any follow-up or attempt made to sell you anything. 

MD Analytics is an Accredited Agency of the  Canadian Research Insights Council and a member in good standing of the Insights Association. As such we are committed to going above and beyond these associations’ code of conduct, adhering to an audit every two years, to ensure we meet the highest standards. 

Ready to join?

What will the content of the survey be used for and for whom?
The research sponsor and purpose will vary depending on the study. To not bias the research, we are unable to reveal their identity. However, most of our clients are multi-national pharmaceutical companies specializing in developing products and treatments for the therapeutic area of the study topic.

Are my responses anonymous?
Absolutely, your responses are anonymous. As a third-party market research firm, we never share your personal identifiable information with the research sponsor. Your responses will never be tied back to you as an individual. We always present the research findings as an aggregate between what you and your colleagues have collectively answered.

Will my name, title, or contact information be shared with research sponsors or publications?
No, we will never share that information to our clients nor any publications. If we need data from any of our physician panelists for a publication, we will state it explicitly in the first page of the survey and will ask for your consent to proceed.

How do I know if I qualify to participate?
Every online survey starts with a short eligibility section followed by the main survey. Each survey has different screening requirements, so we cannot guarantee eligibility every time. Every eligibility section will typically take from 15 seconds up to 2 minutes of your time.

What do you do with the data collected in the eligibility section?
We discard the data from the eligibility section, if you do not qualify to answer the main study questions. The data from the eligibility section is used for profiling and it is not useful for the study if it is not coupled with answers for the main survey.

How do I verify if the research is legitimate?
You can search the validity of our studies on the CRIC research verification service.


“MD Analytics surveys provides a great learning experience as well as stimulating my interests in certain topics to look deeper and try to incorporate ideas into my practice. Also you get paid for it! What more can you ask for!?”
Dr. W. Hu – GP and Surgical Assistant
Scarborough Health Network, Birchmount Site, ON

“I am most impressed with the professionalism maintained by MD Analytics. Their surveys are always clearly enunciated, flow smoothly and highly relevant to contemporary practice of Psychiatry. My experience working with MD Analytics has been a learning one; the staff are always available and pleasant and their accounting commands a high level of integrity. I have no hesitation in accepting their studies and in recommending them to anyone interested in doing them.”
Dr. D. Kanji – Psychiatrist
Clinical Psychiatrist Toronto, ON
“I participate in MD Analytics questionnaires, in large part, as it causes me to re-evaluate my methods of prescribing medication for various pulmonary diseases. I have often looked up the names of medication which I do not prescribe, and learned from this experience..”
Dr. L. Knight – IM/Respirologist
Westmount Square Health Clinic, QC
“I enjoy completing the surveys because they force me to stop and recall the details of why I make certain decisions in clinical practice. Recalling how I have treated recent patients is a form of self evaluation. Your surveys are always portrayed accurately with respect to their time commitment, which allows me to be flexible about when I complete them.”
Dr. Califaretti – Medical Oncologist
Grand River Hospital, ON
“I have participated in multiple surveys with MD Analytics. The surveys have been specific to my area of expertise. I have found the surveys to be interesting and thought-provoking. They also allow me to reflect on my practice patterns. I have had a positive experience working with MD Analytics and would highly recommend them.”
Dr. Bhavsar – Rheumatologist
Burlington Rheumatology Clinic, ON

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