Why are screeners important?

Screeners in market research are a series of profiling questions that are posed to potential respondents at the beginning of a market research study purely for the purpose of determining eligibility.

We have made it our goal to improve your experience with market research screeners by keeping them as short and possible while maintaining the intergrity of the market research study. 

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What are screeners?

Screeners are found at the beginning of a survey and determine if a respondent matches the characteristics of the desired target audience. They are also often used to control for quotas and to prevent oversampling.

What are we doing to improve your experience with screeners?

  1. Survey invitations are targeted based data you provide in your profile to increase eligibility rates.
  2. Screeners are designed in accordance with our industry’s code of conduct, using best efforts to keep them as short as possible.
  3. Data gathered from respondents that are screened out is not permitted in the study results.

We follow a process which ensures studies are not only relevant to members but also align with the research objectives. Our goal is to limit bias, value your time and ensure high quality data for our clients. Typically, when we combine these factors it becomes difficult to include everyone within a study.

What can you do to improve your experience with screeners?

  1. Update your member profile often. There are times when data in a member’s profile is different than the answer they provided in the screener (e.g. a change in address or practice area). Updating your profile often will help us more closely identify your eligibility for a study.
  2. Respond quickly to invitations. Market research studies always require a specific number of responses from certain practice areas, provinces, and so forth, therefore responding quickly to a survey invite will increase the likelihood that you will be able to participate.
  3. Be persistent. We aim to only invite you to surveys relevant to your profile. However, because we limit the amount of personal data kept on file, we cannot always know who will qualify for a given market research study. As individual study requirements are unique and your particular responses may change over time, we urge you to keep trying.

We sincerely value your participation and hope you continue to engage in our research.

We are here to answer your questions.