Customer Engagement

Learn how your customers define value and what you can do to further engage with them.

Identify which attributes are most predictive of overall engagement. 

  • Understand how your customers define value.
  • Learn how to improve engagement with your customers.
  • Discover how your company/brand performs relative to the competition.
  • Compare your results to our proprietary benchmarking data.
  • Identify key drivers of customer engagement.

Proven Approach

Our proprietary 4-step customer engagement model with benchmarking data, supported by our syndicated study, helps companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry better understand how value is defined by their key stakeholders, what drives engagement, and how they perform on these key engagement drivers relative to the competition.

Using this model enables organizations to identify key strengths of leverage and areas that could be improved to generate increased levels of customer engagement.

Step 1: Define customer engagement

Starting from a list of pre-tested engagement attributes, that can be customized, we conduct a regression analysis to understand which ones are most predictive of overall engagement.

Step 2: Calculate a relative customer engagement score

Companies are rated on the different engagement attributes, and a weighted composite score is then developed to accurately quantify the overall level of engagement by company.

Step 3: Determine key drivers of customer engagement

Company performance is assessed on transactional, image and product criteria to understand the cumulative impact of each criteria on the main drivers of engagement.

Step 4: Identify points of leverage and gaps

We then compare your company’s performance to the competition on the most important drivers of engagement, and assess your key strengths and areas for improvement.

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