Patient Journey (PathwaysRx)

This approach seeks to understand the patient journey, from the time a patient first realizes they might have a medical condition, up until the time the condition is cured/ controlled. This research approach reveals deep insights into the diagnosis and treatment pathway of a disease, to assess the extent to which an opportunity lies for your brand(s).

Explore the Diagnosis and Treatment Pathway

Through a combination of qualitative (optional) and quantitative methodologies with multiple stakeholders, we would develop a comprehensive view of the disease management process.

Find and Assess Growth Opportunities

Uncover hidden opportunities and estimate potential gains from key points of leverage to grow and protect market share through a market leakage model. 

Develop Finely-Tuned Positioning Strategies

Leverage deep insights from a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic area to develop finely-tuned positioning strategies for targeted segments. 

Timeline & Gaps in Perception

Understand the average duration it takes for patients to move through the treatment journey while uncovering gaps in perceptions between the various stakeholders.

Chart Reviews

Understand how specific patient profiles are being managed to truly understand in which scenario would your product would have the biggest opportunity.

How It Works

We recruit physicians willing to pull patient charts and provide answers to a few key information points:

  • Socio-demo variables
  • Patient history and comorbidities
  • Drug usage history and length of time on therapy
  • Coverage status


  • EMR systems are broadly implemented and physicians have access to a large number of charts
  • Provides much better robustness when interpreting results
  • Allows to dig deeper in patient profiles as opposed to looking at “average” patient, and understand where the new product could fit
  • Especially relevant for more niche therapeutic areas

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