Physicians’ Perspectives on Pitfalls in the Patient Journey

In the healthcare system, a patient’s journey to optimal care presents many obstacles. There are numerous steps involved from the onset of a medical condition to the moment when satisfactory results are achieved. This healthcare survey seeks to reveal key opportunities within the patient journey that would assist patients along their way and ultimately improve outcomes. Further healthcare market research could also be conducted by disease area to dig deeper into these insights.

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We surveyed 165 Canadian GPs, and 66 Canadian Specialists (SPs) in March 2019. The top challenges identified by physicians are: patients not fully adhering  to treatment as prescribed (69%); patients do not recognize there is a problem or that they may have symptoms of a disease (61%); patient refusal to be initiated on therapy (52%); patients not consulting a healthcare professional about their symptoms (50%).

The top opportunities identified by physicians to address these challenges are: Invest in disease symptom awareness campaigns (58%); facilitate patient access to counselling and support from other healthcare professionals (38%); develop and improve patient support programs (36%); develop online resources for patients to obtain more information (35%).

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COVID-19 Impact on Women in Pharma

The COVID-19 crisis changed the way people work across industries including the pharma industry. MD Analytics teamed up with the professional association for women in the pharma industry Women Leaders in Pharma to conduct a study on the impact on of COVID-19 on women who work in the pharma industry.

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Pandemic’s Impact on HCPs Practices and Vaccination Campaign Perceptions

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is underway in Canada. However, the pandemic has significantly altered HCPs’ practices to date. These changes have impacted workloads, patient assessments, and interactions with pharma. A year into the pandemic, a national COVID-19 vaccination campaign is underway. This begs the question, how are Canadian HCPs doing today? What do they foresee moving forward? Our latest short survey presents the current state of HCPs’ practices in Canada and their assessment of the government’s management of COVID-19.

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Remote Detailing for Pharma – Physicians’ perspectives

Our 5-minute online survey conducted in the fall of 2020 sought to gain clarity around remote detailing. This study was conducted with 339 Canadian physicians who are members of the MD Analytics healthcare panel and the results provide actionable recommendations on how to form a more ‘ideal’ pharma remote detail.

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