Recreational Cannabis’ Impact on Physicians’ Practice

By Rahim Shah, VP Client Services

August 20, 2018

The Canadian Senate recently passed Bill C-46 which will allow for the legal use of recreational cannabis across Canada by Fall 2018. While some physicians anticipate this new legislation will impact their practices with patients electing to try recreational cannabis instead of more traditional prescription medications or medical cannabis, others anticipate increases in patient visits related to dependence and psychotic symptoms. Take a look at our infographic for insights into Canadian physicians’ perspectives on the legalization of recreational cannabis.

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While 32% of physicians surveyed support legalization, 47% oppose it. Supporting and opposing physicians have differing views on how their practice will be impacted once recreational cannabis is legal.

As a result of increased use of recreational cannabis, opposing GPs are more likely to anticipate an increase in patient visits related to the following conditions: dependence/misuse, effects on the brain, psychotic symptoms, anxiety, fear/panic and depression.

As recreational cannabis becomes easier to obtain, supporting GPs are more likely to anticipate a decline in patient visits related to prescriptions for the following conditions: anxiety/severe stress, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, panic attacks,

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