Which Pharmaceutical Companies are Seen as Leaders?

By Tyler Hassman, CEO

May 29, 2017

Corporate reputation plays an important role in enabling companies to further differentiate their products in highly competitive markets. As a result our team sought to better understand how pharmaceutical manufacturers are currently perceived. After surveying Canadian GPs, we noticed several trends. One of which was when assessing overall pharma leadership, there was no unanimous leader. However, when asked about specific therapeutic areas, GP perceptions of leadership varied for different companies.

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We asked 180 Canadian physicians of which pharmaceutical company they have the highest opinion. Overall, there was no clear winner. However, when asked by disease areas, some leaders emerge.

Top companies seen as leader in…(% ranked 1-3)

  • Neurology: Novartis (46%); Roche (38%); Lilly (37%)
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Merck (51%); AstraZeneca (43%); Pfizer (43%)
  • Respiratory: GSK (69%); AstraZeneca (67%); Boehringer Ingelheim (56%)
  • Gastroenterology: Merk (67%); Pfizer (61%); Janssen (56%)
  • Diabetes: Lilly (50%); Novo Nordisk (40%); AstraZeneca (37%)
  • Psoriasis: Leo (65%); Galderma (57%); Janssen (24%)

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