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Celebrating 20 years of MD Analytics!

We are sometimes reminded with stories, movies and books that companies have an origin too. It must have started somehow. Someone must have had a vision or an idea and then worked hard to get it going.

MD Analytics is no different in this way and its story follows its own certain path with many team members supporting the company’s growth and quality deliverables throughout the years. At the forefront is the CEO, Tyler Hassman, a fourth generation Canadian, born in Saskatchewan who migrated to British Columbia in the late 90’s; where he held several sales positions during the “dot com” days and met other ambitious soon-to-be entrepreneurs along the way. Working long hours tirelessly and then meeting with friends after work to talk about business was the way he spent most of his days. Day after day, year after year working and evolving along with the business.

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Technology also has evolved rapidly since that time with the inception of the smartphone which allowed the work force to take their work and mainly their emails with them wherever they went. Thankfully, as technology became more and more obtrusive, the work force also realized the importance of work/life balance which is one of the main pillars of MD Analytics today as it thrives in a fully virtual working environment. The company has established five key values that are embraced and recognized daily. These values support all our daily activities and help us to deliver on our passion of transforming data into engaging insights.

We will be celebrating this important 20th anniversary milestone as a company this year and look forward to many more years of market research within the healthcare sector.

Key takeaways

2003, MD Analytics is incorporated in Canada.

2008, our Rapid Detail Tracker TM service is introduced, changing the way message recall is measured and how success is achieved.

2015, a new team is developed with the purpose to transform the data we collect into engaging insights.

2019, MD Analytics incorporates in the U.S. furthering its international expansion.

Infographics may contain select findings from our Independent Studies. Contact us to find out if your organization qualifies for a complimentary presentation with access to the full report.

Past Studies

Past Studies

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