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AI: How receptive have physicians been so far?

By Daniel Turner, VP Client Services

October 16, 2023

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been playing an increasingly significant role in various spheres of our lives for many years now, the topic of AI has jumped into the spotlight in the past year with the launch of the large language model (LLM) platform ChatGPT. Professionals across different industries have since been increasingly thinking about how this might affect them, healthcare professionals included.

MD Analytics recently conducted a study with n=300 physicians to explore the current state of AI awareness and usage among them and determine the concerns and opportunities surrounding this transformative technology. The results show that although AI has made significant strides in healthcare, it appears that many physicians are not well-versed in the technology. According to our survey data, less than half of physicians claim to be “very” familiar with the overall concept of AI.

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When it comes to using AI in their professional practice, the numbers are even lower. Between 10% and 20% of physicians report having used Large Language Model (LLM) chatbots, like ChatGPT, for professional purposes. Overall, the primary barrier to using AI LLMs is that physicians have yet to learn how to properly use them. Secondary barriers include a lack of comfort with LLM platforms and a lack of trust in the information they provide.

Despite the potential benefits of AI in healthcare, many physicians express concerns. One prevalent worry is the rise of patients self-diagnosing using information obtained from the internet and AI-powered tools. This could lead to misconceptions among their patients, which may in turn negatively impact physicians who would have to spend more time addressing this misinformation.

To sum up, the survey data highlights a clear gap in AI awareness and usage among physicians. Therefore, it is crucial to bridge this knowledge gap to ensure that physicians can harness the technology effectively. This represents an opportunity for industry to proactively shape healthcare professionals’ transformation by providing guidance on how to best use AI while addressing physician concerns (e.g., such as issues with misinformation).

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