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COVID-19 Impact on Patient Support Programs

By Daniel Turner, VP Client Services

February 22, 2022

Patient Support Programs (PSPs) play a significant role in ensuring that patients have the best possible experience during their journey – especially in specialty therapeutic areas where treatments tend to be more expensive. The pandemic has made it more challenging for patients to access support and services for their medical conditions. This has put additional pressure on company-sponsored PSPs to further enhance their offerings to help patients in the best way possible.

Key Questions:

  • Which new services have been added by company-sponsored PSPs since the onset of the
  • Which support services have become particularly important in the past 2 years?
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For the most part, physicians acknowledge that PSP providers have adjusted well to the new reality brought forth by COVID-19. About a third even think that PSP providers have improved their performance since the onset of the pandemic. However, they are not very familiar with the range of services offered by different PSPs. If a core offering of services relevant to their therapeutic area is met, they will generally be satisfied.

Although PSPs have undoubtedly worked to enhance their programs since the onset of the pandemic, most physicians are not aware of what these specific changes may have been. That being said, among those who do, improved financial assistance/ sampling, access to virtual care and support with vaccination scheduling are most often mentioned.

Many PSP offerings have become more important since the onset of the pandemic, but facilitation of drug delivery to the patient, compassionate assistance release/financial aid flexibility and improved online/phone access to nurses are particularly likely to have become more valuable.

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