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Customer Engagement in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Why channels of communication matter

Measuring customer engagement in pharmaceutical market research can be challenging as physicians usually prefer to not be seen as “associated” with any given pharmaceutical company. However, as demonstrated by our customer engagement independent research study, it is undeniable that stronger levels of physician engagement exist among pharmaceutical companies which can lead to more positive outcomes for their associated brands.

Using our customer engagement model for pharma, we sought to better understand how Canadian physicians (GPs and specialists) define customer engagement, and in turn what companies can do to interact and engage them in more meaningful ways.

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As we have recently learned from our independent research, a generational gap clearly exists between younger and older physicians. Attitudes towards work-life balance, technology, communication preferences and interactions with pharma all differ based on physician age.

This independent research will assess how physicians define value and quantify the factors that drive customer engagement for younger versus older physicians. Help foster company loyalty through building a strong customer engagement platform and understand how to better leverage your resources to effectively engage younger customers.

Some of the findings from our research are illustrated in the infographic, to see our customer engagement model in action, contact us and we can schedule a complementary presentation of detailed findings from our this study.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how GPs and Specialists define value when assessing pharma companies and determine drivers of customer engagement.
  • Evaluate transactional satisfaction with pharma overall (i.e. all the interactions that customers have with the company, such as: sales reps, MSLs, conferences, customer service, pharmacovigilance, etc.).
  • Assess importance towards a series of engagement related attributes including perceived leadership, commitment to their therapeutic area, trustworthiness, credibility, innovation, etc.
Infographics may contain select findings from our Independent Studies. Contact us to find out if your organization qualifies for a complimentary presentation with access to the full report.

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Past Studies

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