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The Wrong Detailing Approach Could Have Your Reps Facing Closed Doors

The relationship between healthcare providers and sales reps is a balancing act. Sales reps can add value to a physician’s or pharmacist’s practice ultimately impacting product use. However, healthcare practitioners are often overwhelmed by the demand on their time and as a result may restrict access to their practice.

Take a look at our infographic to find out how to make sure your detailing team is armed with the right information to build a stronger detailing session.

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We polled n=114 Canadian General Practitioners (GPs) and n=205 Pharmacists (Pharms) on their willingness to see sales representatives, the effect detailing has on their behaviour, and what companies can do to improve the overall experience.

88% of GPs and 86% of Pharms agree that sales reps add value to their practice and aid in better treating their patients. In addition, sales reps also positively impact their willingness to use a product, knowledge of a product and knowledge of additional support offered by the manufacturer.

However, roughly half of all GPs and Pharms say they feel overwhelmed with requests on their time from sales reps. The majority of GPs and Pharms agree they are willing to give more of their time for a detail that is engaging, educational, and impactful.

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