Best Channels to Educate Dental Professionals

Dental professionals turn to traditional information channels most often when sourcing information on manufacturer products and continuing education. However, more innovative tools such as online and digital offerings continue to grow in importance, especially among newer dental professionals. Find out how to make sure your future outreach efforts are ready for the next generation of dental professionals.

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Over the past 6 months, traditional sources of information were the most used, among dental professionals, to stay up to date on the industry. More than 3 in 5 dental professionals have read a paper-based medical journal. Half of dental professionals have attended a discussion with peers/key opinion leaders, in person lunch and learns, or conference sessions. 3 in 4 dental professionals have attended an educational event in-person. 3 in 5 have attended one hosted online.

Online sources of continuing education (CE) are more popular among younger dental professionals. Dental professionals with less than 20 years experience are 11% more likely to have attended an online CE than those with over 20 years of experience. A similar split exists among dentists and hygienists, with 65% of hygienists having attended an online CE event, versus only 53% of dentists.

Traditional channels of information continue to be the most commonly used and preferred sources for industry knowledge among dental professionals. However, looking to the future, online tools are expected to continue gaining popularity, especially among younger dental professionals. See our infographic for more details.

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