Exploring Generational Gaps Among Physicians | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Sample Size: n=200 Canadian GP/FMs, half from younger physicians.
  • Final Deliverable: PowerPoint presentation with infographic-like executive summary.
  • Field timing: completed January 2018.
  • Report Delivery: published February 2018.

Learn how to engage younger physicians.

Illustration with two different aged doctors standing adjacent demonstrating generational differences

Unique generational values and behaviours are clearly visible in consumer marketing – but it’s less clear how to utilize these differences in pharmaceutical marketing.

This syndicated study brings clarity to marketing for physician’s generational differences. In addition it will explore other socio-demographic gaps – gender, rural vs urban, and practice type.

Inform the delivery and relevancy of your marketing messages with these results!

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Key Objectives

  • Work-life balance attitudes, and impact on: patient load; interactions with pharma; conference attendance; and CME.
  • Technology in the practice - current usage and potential role.
  • Role of alternative therapies and patient involvement.
  • Communication preferences and information sources.