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Physician Use of Social Media

By Tyler Hassman, CEO

November 27, 2019

Physicians are using social media in their personal and professional lives, especially younger physicians. However, the pharma industry should be aware of barriers to using social media as a means of interacting professionally with physicians, such as the perceived reliability of online information. This infographic contains select findings from our independent study on Digital Marketing in Healthcare.


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We surveyed 151 Canadian physicians to assess their behavior and engagement levels with social media and other online technologies while also measuring their openness to communicating with pharma through these digital platforms.

Overall, more than half of physicians agree there is a place for pharma in social media. However, the perceived reliability of information online from manufacturers remains an issue. Additional barriers to overcome include a majority of physicians who agree that the use of social media is not encouraged in a professional setting. Specialists are more likely to feel that social media is an inappropriate means of interacting with pharma.

Key takeaways

  • Physician awareness and use of social media and other online resources (apps, websites, forums, search engines, etc.)
  • Overall receptivity to engage with industry through digital channels/platforms
  • Attitudes (positive and negative) towards online and digital sources
  • Effectiveness of digital tools/media during company interactions
  • Which companies are most visible to physicians in social media
Infographics may contain select findings from our Independent Studies. Contact us to find out if your organization qualifies for a complimentary presentation with access to the full report.

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