Medical Scientific Liaisons Industry Evaluation | Health & Pharmaceutical Market Research | MD Analytics Inc.

Key Features

  • Specialities Included: Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, and Respirologists (n = 25-30 per speciality).
  • Final Deliverable: PowerPoint presentation with a customized company-specific executive summary.
  • Field Dates: March/April 2018.
  • Report Delivery: May 2018.

The role of the Medical Scientific Liaisons (MSLs) is to satisfy requests from physicians for scientific information that could not ordinarily be communicated by the pharmaceutical sales representative.

The MSL role developed so that the industry could meet the needs of the physician, while not blurring the line between the provision of scientific information and promotional messaging. This annual syndicated report is a key industry measure that evaluates the role of Medical Science Liaisons and associated company performance as perceived by Canadian medical specialists on 5 key aspects: MSL interactions, MSL role, MSL characteristics, MSL rankings and company assessments.

The report features in-depth ratings by specialty and company specific performance measures. Companies purchasing a copy of this report will receive a customized company-specific executive summary, detailing their performance in what matters most to specialists with tailored visuals highlighting the company’s MSL strengths, and areas where improvement will be most impactful.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the perceptions of Canadian physicians in regards to the value and services provided by MSLs.
  • Determine how physicians differentiate MSLs vs. Sales Representatives.
  • Assess the services provided by MSLs, and rank by level of importance.
  • Assess overall performance of, and satisfaction with, MSLs by company.
  • Evaluate the impact of MSL activities on the physicians’ relationship with pharmaceutical companies, and on overall corporate reputation.
  • Develop best practices regarding the role of the MSLs.
  • Isolate and benchmark key performance metrics for future tracking.